IATEFL Digital Audio for Language Learning

Podcast Tour

Now we are going to explore some of the podcasts available for our learners. Go to the websites below, listen briefly to an episode to get an idea about it, look at the supporting resources (transcripts, exercises, etc) that are available and make any notes you feel are relevant. Please also add any interesting podcasts to the list if you know of any. Finally, we will ask each group to give feedback on what you found.

ELT Podcasts
In this first list are podcasts that are produced specifially for learners studying ELT

One Stop English: The Road Less Travelled
Splendid Speaking (site home is here and direct access to podcasts here)
ESL Podcast
The Bob and Rob Show
English Conversations
Bardwell Road

Authentic podcasts
The list below contains podcasts in English that are not created specifically for ELT but that which may be of interest to learners.

Notes from Spain
Absolutely Intercultural

Where to find more:
Apart from iTunes, there are lots of podcast directories. Here are a few: