An Introduction to Podcasting

Podcasting (a portemanteau of the words iPod and broadcasting) is the name given to the publishing of audio (usually mp3 files) via the Internet, designed to be downloaded and listened to on a portable mp3 player of any type, or on a personal computer.

Podcasting has now become popular as an alternative way of providing 'radio' type content that can be listened to whenever, wherever and as many times as the listener wants. The idea that a podcast can be produced by just about anyone with access to the Internet has generated a lot of interest in educational circles. In ELT, the appeal is not only in providing additional listening input for students, but that students themselves can become involved in recording and producing the podcast.

(from, written in 2005)

Finding Podcasts

The easiest place to start is by downloading iTunes, free music software - there's a special section on podcasts in the iTunes Music store and you can download them for free.

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