Theme Tourism Podcast

Type: Blogger & server space
Description: Theme Tourism is a podcast that supports the evaluation of a group of students at Turismo Sant Ignasi, Universitat de Ramon Llull, Barcelona


The students of this podcast take a short (8 session) one semester course on 'Theme Tourism' ; one of three 'English workshops' (taught as ESP / content course in the final year of the students' degree course).

They are asked to prepare a short (maximum 5 minutes) audio report on how a theme is being used to promote tourism as part of the course, and this forms the content of the podcast. The students have time during class to discuss the content, and practise the pronunciation, etc. of the report, and they write the text, which is also corrected (this allows for lots of language work and process writing) then on the final day (or at home if they prefer), they record the audio report in pairs or individually. Their audio reports are then later uploaded to the podcast site.

I have noticed an increase in quality of the work they produce, undoubtedly due to the fact that they are producing something for publication, and this can be observed by various tools (Clustr map, Feedburner reader count, hit counter) on the site.