EVO 07 blog
First attempt at podcasting EVO 06

I am interested in a collaborative venture with a class outside NZ.
Students telling their stories, perhaps?
And I'd love to learn how to screencast - maybe that's next year! Oh, for more time...

My podcasting history
I did the EVO workshop last year on podcasting, but never quite managed to become as competent as I’d like to. Part of the problem being that I don’t have an mp3 player, so it all feels a bit academic. But lots of our students have them, so it is my aim to be able to recommend good podcasts.

However, I did set up in podomatic http://khaines.podomatic.com/ (first attempt link above - so don't visit this twice!)
and then started using Audacity to produce better sound etc. But all I was doing with my podcast was recording homework vocab stuff for students, and they had problems accessing it on campus (of course!) and then I had major arguments with our IT dept who had blocked iTunes and … Is this starting to sound familiar? My teaching focus changed as well and so I played with wikis a bit instead.

But this year?
Feb 8th - introduce my UI class to the notion of a podcast!