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On this page you will find links to some of the resources that were used during the ELT Podcasting session held as part of TESOL's Electronic Village Online January-February 2006.

A summary article was produced for ID3 podcasting magazine.

Note: We are in a recovery process because the original site we used for the course was involved in a serious attack by hackers resulting in the loss of all the original material stored on the Moodle that had been set up for the session.

It is hoped that the most interesting conversations, artefacts, etc can be recovered and made available here for the group and others to benefit from.


ELT Podcasting course outline : This is a link to the initial course outline that was designed to promote the session.

ELT Podcasting Moodle : As mentioned above, we used this Moodle for resources, most of the participant discussions, etc, and this resource was lost. Because many people received email notification of comments and discussions, it is hoped that some of the most interesting discussions can be recovered and archived here. Likewise with the actual course resources.

ELT Podcasting Yahoo Group - (NB: you need to be a member and logged in to access this information).

ELT Podcasting Gigadial station. Gigadial is a way of building your own channel or station from audio content found on the Internet. We used it to collect our audio

. We used Flickr to share our photos (tagged with podcasting_elt). There was also some discussion in the group forums at Flickr about types of mp3 players / recorders, podcasting software and equipment.

Social Bookmarking Links: We used the tag 'podcasting_elt' to collect our bookmarks / links at



This wiki has been created to support the ELT Podcasting group, a group of educators interested in the application of podcasting to language learning and teaching (in particular ELT - English Language Teaching). The group is open to anyone involved in education who has an interest in using podcasting as a tool.

The ELT Podcasting group was founded in 2005 to support the Podcasting for ELT session at TESOL's Electronic Village Online (EVO), which ran for six weeks from January-February 2006.

You can browse the ELT Podcasting 2006 EVO session resources here : ELT Podcasting 2006 archives

This wiki will also be used to support the podcasting element of a joint Blogging / Podcasting EVO session starting in January 2007. Watch this space for further details. (See the announcement for EVO 2007 and the description of this CALL-IS project.)

If you would like to contribute to this wiki, please join the ELT Podcasting group and ask for an invite.

Purpose of this wiki:

The purpose of this wiki is to create a definitive reference guide to podcasting for language teachers, showing educators where to find good resources, how to get started podcasting with your own students, and complete with examples of good practice, podcasting tips and tricks, etc.

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