Absolutely Intercultural podcast

Absolutely Intercultural is "the first podcast in the world to deal with intercultural issues. We’ll be releasing a new episode every second Friday evening, looking at all intercultural aspects of human intercultural communication. For example, we’ll be hearing from students on foreign work placements, looking at intercultural aspects of the forthcoming World Cup, asking how teachers can make use of intercultural exercises and simulations in their classroom and sharing with you any intercultural gossip we come across. ‘absolutely intercultural!’ won’t be so much about passing on information but more about starting an intercultural dialogue between the makers, and you, the contributors and listeners."

The podcast would make ideal listening for higher level students interested in intercultural issues, and has also promoted spin-off podcast projects (see the Madrid Young Learner podcast) as well as an opportunity for feedback from students, which could be featured in the next show (see show #2) - it could be a great springboard for other student podcasting projects.

There are currently (as of 25.08.2006) twelve episodes of the podcast:

#12 Absolutely Educational - Working with deaf children, and a view from Israel
#11 Beirut - before and during the war - The Lebanon
#10 Absolutely Personal: - changing countries and cultures (South Africa->South Korea)
Absolutely National: South Africa and the Danish
Absolutely inspired: Denmark, dating and intercultural dialogue
#09 Absolutely Educational - London, can culture be taught?
#08 Portugal, the disabled, and the World Cup
#07 Culture as the software of the mind
#06 Iceland, Sweden 6 Canada & cultural misconceptions
#05 Raising cultural awareness
#04 Scandinavia
#03 China
#02 Can intercultural awareness be taught?
#01 The North of Spain

Lesson plan for Spain podcast (#1) :
by Paul Braddock of the British Council, Barcelona, Spain